GBIS Mobile Application Development

Tuedays and Thursdays 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


Summer 2011 7/5-8/18/2011


Instructor:      James Miller


Cell phone :    847-530-0550

Class Location : Lewis 131 (with Apple Computers and great monitors)


Safari Books Online Subscription (required):  


A subscription to Safari Books Online is required for two month. Current cost is $22.50 per month for 10 book slots. If you can find a five slot subscription, this will work.


The main text that you will load into your Safari Books Online will be Deitel Developer Series iPhones for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach.


Other texts will be specified in the first four class sessions.


You each should obtain a free Apple Developer Account for IOS. My paid-for-account will be available on a machine in the back row for loading applications onto an iPod Touch.


We will also the Apple Development SDK (Objective C, Cocoa Framework, ...) which will be available in Lewis 131. You can optionally use your developer account to install this software on a personal Apple Computer that has OSX and and Intel Chip.


Course Description: This course explore the use of mobile applications in business and the issues involved in mobile application development. The student develops applications for the Apple iPhone including both web applications and Objective C custom applications. 


Prerequisites:  GBIS710 - prior experience with an Object Oriented Programming Language such as Java or C++ will be very important to success in this course. 



Homework Assignments and Quizzes and Exams 70%
Final Project - Content and Presentation 30%


At the end of the course the final  letter grade will be computed as follows:


Letter Grade
Corresponding Percentage





























Use of Blackboard is required. You can enroll yourself in GBIS755 with a special password that will be sent to you by email..


You will not be directly penalized for late work as long as you talk to me or email me before the due date. Indirect penalties might be severe. If your assignments in the first part of the course are too late, you will not have time to do the later assignments in the course and any work not turned in by the end of the term will be graded zero.


Online work (Blackboard): Some class sessions will be "located" online instead of at Dominican. Quizzes, homework, and the short paper will be submitted via Blackboard.


Schedule details: The schedule is subject to change. A detailed schedule by class date can be found here




Grading Details:

The 70% of the grade for Homework Assignments, and Quizzes, Exams is not broken down into further details by design. My intent is to give assignments that include traditional homework that you have seen in prior courses as well as Apple iPod development assignments. Some assignments will help you learn about browser based development and non-Apple mobile devices. Some assignments will lbe open book quizzes with a very generous time limit. Because the time limit will be "long", it will be hard to tell the difference between a quiz and a homework assignment. Since this is a small class, I will be able to observe your work during class and give you feedback. Therefore, Mid Term and Final Exams will probably not be needed. I put "Exams" in the syllabus so I have the option of giving a final exam if it looks like it will be necessary. In the unlikely even that I am planning to give a final, I will let you know by the end of Session #9. (August 2).