GSB622 Excel Tutorials

Here are four of the tutorials used in the GSB622 online class. They are useful in learning Excel including some advanced features such as Scenarios (what if) and Linear Programming (Solver).

If you have technical difficulty loading the material, My email is and my cell phone number is 847-530-0550. -- Jim Miller

Section 1 - Introduction

Introduction to Excel -- This is a tutorial that is used in the online version of GSB622. It introduces many features of Excel including copying formulas, relative and absolute addressing, and charts. It uses a specific problem as an example. This problem is part of a homework assignment in the online course but it still serves as a great example whether or not you need it for homework. This is a long video (45mb, 22 minutes). Please be very patient while it is loading 45 megabytes of data.

Use of the Excel payment function -- This is a very good tutorial by Dr. Margaret Kozak on use of the PMT function in Excel. It is shorter than the first tutorial (7.5 minutes, 8mb). This lecture refers to a homework problem that is assigned in the online version of gsb622 but the example is useful whether or not you have homework to do.

Section 2 - Scenarios (what if)

Using Excel Scenarios -- The Scenario feature in Excel is very useful for "What if" analysis. The attached document in PDF or Word format supports this 13 minute (24 mb) tutorial.

Lecture 2 on Scenarios has been omitted because it was very specific to the gsb622online homework assignment and does not add any new information about using Excel.


Section 3 -- Solver (optimization, linear programming)

Using Solver in Excel -- This tutorial shows how to install the Solver add-in and then use it to maximize profit given a series of facts and constraints. It uses a specific example from gsb622online homework. This tutorial will be replaced with a more generic example in late September. However, this tutorial is useable until then. The tutorial runs for 12 minutes and loads 23 megabytes of data.