Dominican University - Remote Desktop Access

Why you might need Remote Desktop Access

You may need to run an application that you do not have installed on your own machine such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project, Adobe Dreamweaver, or Microsoft Excel. An easy way to do this is to go to the Dominican Tech Center and use one of the machines there. Those machines have access to some of the software packages that you will need.

If you don't want to make the trip to Dominican, or license your own copy of the software, you can access software that Dominican has licensed for student and faculty use on one of Dominican's servers (

Especially if you have a MAC, it will be easier to run Windows software on Dominican's server rather than license Parallels, Microsoft Windows, and the Windows software that you need to use and then install "all of that" on your MAC like I have done.

How to get Remote Desktop Access - PC

Use these instructions:

How to get Remote Desktop Access - MAC

Use these instructions:


If you have difficulty connecting, you can contact Dominican Technical Support at

If you see a problem in these instructions and want me to update them, please contact me at