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Accounting 101 Peachtree Case Problem


Supporting Video Video Size Video Runtime
Start and manage Peachtree
(Video1) 8.3 mb 7 min 30 sec. If video does not start in 90 seconds, refresh your browser (F5).
Create a company
Create a chart of accounts
(Video2) 6.7 mb 5 min 10 sec
Enter starting balances
(Video3) 5.5 mb 4 min 39 sec
Make normal journal entries
(Video4) 9.0 mb 7 min 25 sec
Make adjusting journal entries
(Video5) 6.1 mb 4 min 14 sec
Produce various kinds of reports
Backup and restore Peachtree files
    Covered in prior videos


Link to all slides used in the videos
Link to Contra Account definition and example

Bahar Morali (assignment and accounting questions)

Jim Miller (technical questions)
URL for this series of videos is